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Saba Battery in the Middle East is one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of battery the name of the region is good and reliable. The company is proud that with 4 sets of huge industry with 40 years experience in manufacturing various car batteries in accordance with international standards of its products to supply the domestic and foreign markets.The company utilizes advanced machinery manufacturing world-class European technology and expertise of experienced engineers now work extensively in the field of automotive batteries from a capacity of 200 amp-hours of amp-hours of productivity thirty-six 2/5 million machine year (lead acid batteries) and batteries, Sealed MF (no need of services and care) of new generation vehicles, with a production capacity of 5/1 million a year. The company's quality control department is equipped with advanced equipment and experienced team is.


Batteries, battery testing laboratory of Department of Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Iran as one of 1998's battery test facilities have been approved. Moreover, it now acts as the most prestigious laboratories in battery test

The company obtained the ISO 9002 - 1994 certified institution Yvkas Registry of England and Lloyds ISO 9001 - 2000 from the company in December 2002 was successful, companies need to coordinate with automobile, the automotive industry with the establishment of quality management system certification URS is also achieved ISO 16949 TS from accredited institutions. In this system, a product key quality indicators such as initial battery voltage, Sharzhpzyry functionality, durability, reliability and quality indices start of the production process and process parameters such as quality, reduce waste, reduce duplication in all parts of the production process, continuously measuring and are monitored. The results of the customer survey projects that improve the quality of the products was good.

Consumption patterns

Improve the quality of the battery, based on experience gained over many years and enjoying the world's leading scientific resources, changes and improvements have been made in manufacturing processes. Also, while improving key processes, production equipment and machinery to replace the tech world is up to date.


National certification standard and extended reliability for all types of batteries consecutive years, reflects the company's commitment to the needs and legal requirements. 

Development projects aimed at improving the quality and quantity of starter lead-acid car batteries are defined. To improve the battery sealed MF (no need of services and care) to achieve the main objective of the project and production 5/1 MF batteries million in the second goal of this project is the design.

In This scheme order to achieve objectives normally considered to the above from most advanced equipment and Machine LUHUA industries, battery manufacturer in world is used that with the Fashion comments Embed valid standards Europeans meantime high quality production and also more lifetime Manufactured products, Supplier kidneys needs, electrical types vehicles New Generation are.

All products are required to comply with valid standard EN 50342 + A are special batteries sealed.

Product development in the following two starter European (EN) and Japanese (IIS) provides complete starter batteries for cars need to be built based on these standards. Accordingly batteries, L1, L2, L3, & L5 according to European standard battery NS60, 55D23 according to Japan in the first phase of the project will produce.