Wind Power

Increasing population is growing need for sustainable energy . Also, increased levels of greenhouse gases and reduce the level of fossil energy resources and governmental attention towards renewable energy research centers in the world has shifted . Among the renewable energy , wind energy, renewable energy is one of Mtrhtryn species so that the projects developed by the International Energy Agency 2050, nearly 5100 TWh of electricity generated by wind power in the world will be. Islamic Republic of Iran, possessing many windy areas in recent years towards the use of wind energy has great action . According to available data , nearly 110 MW of wind power installed in the country so far and will transmit electricity to the national grid . Wind energy and other renewable energy sources such as widespread geographically scattered and unfocused , yet is almost always available.

Wind energy has many advantages , including:

  • No need for fossil fuel power generation equipment
  • Free wind energy
  • Ability to supply part of the energy demand
  • The lower the relative price of wind energy compared to fossil fuels
  • For lower running costs and the costs of long-term investment in wind energy
  • High maneuverability to operate in any capacity and size and does not require water
  • Does not require a lot of ground mounting facility
  • Lack of environmental pollution than fossil fuels.

Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical power drawn and the mechanical power transmitted through the shaft to the generator and the electrical energy is produced. Wind turbines operate on a simple principle . Wind two or three feathers that are located around the wind turbine rotor to rotate in the cold. The rotor is connected to a central shaft that rotates with the rotation of the generator and electricity is produced. Wind turbines are mounted on tall towers to receive the highest possible energy , megawatt -scale the heights of the towers 100 meters above the ground also.

Modern wind turbines fall into two main categories:

  1. Turbine - The horizontal axis
  2. Turbine - with a vertically oriented

Wind turbines can be used with independent functions, or they can have a "Power Grid" plug, or even a solar cell or photovoltaic systems combined. Individual turbines are typically used for water pumping or communications, however, homeowners and farmers in windy areas can also use turbines to generate electricity.