The Conference on Starter Battery Distribution Network

Dey 1393 – December 2014

The second general gathering of the starter battery sales agents were held in Tehran on Dec. 31, 2014, and some 200 agents from around the country participated in the event.

The meeting focused on two major issues of quality and after-sales services.

The objectives set for the conference are outlined as below:

  • To collect the feedbacks of the starter battery distribution network regarding the aforementioned two main issues;
  • To review and address the challenges in the starter battery market;
  • To review the measures taken over the past six months;
  • To elaborate on future programs in line with market development strategy;
  • To train about and provide the opportunities to enter electronic business.

Some managers and top officials in the industrial groups in Tavan Co. attended the meeting and delivered speeches. After the meeting, a question-and-answer session was held with the presence of the esteemed Managing Director of Tavan Energy Resources Development Company.

The challenges and opinions offered by the lecturers:

  1. Derakhshan Industrial Group Manager:
  2. Increasing the production capacity;
  3. Daily delivery of different kinds of sealed and standard batteries to the agents.
  4. Increasing the range and number of sealed batteries by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2015);
  5. Holding regular inspection and training sessions in the factories.
  6. Establishing constructive cooperation with auto-makers;
  7. Contrasting  the batteries returned from the auto-makers and those of the distributing network;
  8. Providing the opportunity for the agents to visit the production lines and laboratories in the factories;
  9. Creating working teams to review the quality problems and define quality improvement projects;
  10. Sales Manager:
  11. Reviewing the economic parameters effective in the state's auto battery market;
  12. Analyzing the battery import rates over the past six months;
  13. Reviewing the parameters influential on final product price;

- Raw materials

- Wages

- Energy carriers

  • Reviewing the payment terms – capital return;
  • Reviewing the mechanisms to collect and define price system for battery scraps;
  • Assessing the actions taken to provide customer services;
  • Defining the future plans for services department;
  • Li Battery Production Plant Manager:
  • Introducing the basic concepts of battery;
  • Defining the Li-ion battery;
  • Describing the specifications of Li-ion battery;
  • Comparing and contrasting the technical and practical specifications of lead-acid and lithium batteries;
  • Elaborating on the other uses of lithium batteries in UPS, solar systems, motorcycles and electrical autos.


Elsewhere and as the final part of the event, the company managing director Seyyed Majid Hedayat, made a speech, in which he expressed gratitude to the sales and after-sales services agents present in the gathering.

Referring to the current economic condition in the country, he stressed the necessity to resort to 'resistance economy' as a solution and enumerated the countries which had had such an experience in similar situations.

He touched on the great number of batteries smuggled into the country as a challenge and proposed to enhance the quality of the products and create a competing environment in an effort to find solutions for the phenomenon.

In line with the knowledge-based economy, he said three centers for technology development, designing and production engineering along with equipped laboratories have been put into operation.

He continued despite the recession conditions, the company managed to improve its products from quantity and quality points of view comparing to the past year and the related income was used to improve the products.

In export section, the company has made great progress and managed to export the products to seven countries and it has set goals to compete with other countries in this regard, he concluded.


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